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Dear Friends -

At present, Pilgrim Naturists has suspended taking new PAID memberships. The reason for this extraordinary move is due to a down-turned economy resulting in a lack of available recreational dollars that people can set-aside for this form of recreation.

Second, but just as equal, a lack of facilities willing to rent to us in the winter months.

We are still hosting a handful of summertime events to regional skinny dipping sites around New England but are opting to NOT require any membership to participate. Winter events are available in New Hampshire and on the Massachusetts South Shore by Contacting organizers listed on our EVENTS page under Winter Events using the navigation bar to the left.

We encourage people interested in getting information about these events to join our on-line venue, our Naturist Google Group so as to stay in touch.

Those willing to send Pilgrim a donation to help maintain its continued operation in support of the naturist options in New England are encouraged to do so. We will apply those funds to maintaining our web and internet presence, phone line, and additional efforts we undertake to help protect the naturist options in this region.

If you have any questions contact us at the e-mail address below. First time contacts will have to reply to a challenge response (click a link) to prove you are a real person in order to deliver your message to our inbox.

Thank You All for your continued support.

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