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Welcome to our Naturist On-Line Community

To gain access to all the features including posting messages, users must have a Google user name and password. These are free from Google. You do not need a GMail address - you can use any e-mail address to create a user ID.

You can choose to interact with our messages via web browser much like a web message board, or set your user preferences to interact with the service via E-mail. When using the E-mail list interface you can elect to receive individual messages, daily digests (a compilation of a days messages in one long E-Mail posting), or short message abstracts with clickable links back to the message board itself.

Once you are approved as a member you can read and post messages. We approve new users frequently.

To subscribe via E-mail only without a Google user ID, use the provided box below. You will receive a confirmation message at that E-mail address to validate your intent to subscribe. This will limit you to the E-Mail interface only and you will not be able to utilize all available features.

Please note: Naturism / Nudism is a philosophy of using clothing when necessary, but also that living without clothing is a normal state of being. If you came here seeking a sexual encounter, you have made a mistake. Naturism / Nudism is a family-safe practice which has members of all ages from infants to the very elderly. Naturism / Nudism is not about sex but accepting the human form in a natural manner. If this escapes you or you do not understand, please see the web sites of The Naturist Society, or the American Association for Nude Recreation, or the Federation of Canadian Naturists. We can also direct you to web sites in other countries where additional informtion is available.

  Special Subscription Notes:   Due to automated spam systems that attempt to subscribe to Google Groups from time to time, we now ask that subscribers offer a few words about yourself or why you are subscribing to the service. The opportunity to do this is available when subscribing via web browser at Google Groups. It’s just a matter of noting you are a real person for the most part. New subscriptions are usually processed within 24-72 hours of being received.

Those people who do not enter some text in the provided area, or who opt to sign up via the e-mail option below, will find their accounts on moderated status, meaning you can read messages, but when posting a new message or a reply, a moderator will first have to approve it. Once you make your first post and we are assured that you are a real person and are posting on topic, this restriction will be lifted.

Please note that Moderated Status Accounts
will be unsubscribed after 30-Days

If you subscribe and do not show us you are a real person, after 30-days your subscription will be automatically removed since we assume that you may be a spammer. Sorry, but spam robots and junk mailers force us to take this extra step, but it will help assure that we have a clean and viable list & group for user interaction. So please do make an initial post to remain on our list. You may also contact the site moderator at “ webmaster-at-sunclad.com”. You will have to type that address in the proper format of course. Be sure to tell us your user name, e-mail address, and that it is for Naturists at Google Groups ™.

- Thanks.

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