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We are the sum of our peers.
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Pilgrim Naturists of New England is a legacy organization that has its roots dating back to 1978 in the area of Boston, Ma. (USA)

First known as Greater Boston Naturists (1978-1984), then along with other regional naturist groups we merged to form the New England Naturist Association (NENA) (1984-1996).

In 1994 a new Naturist group was formed in Boston under the title of Pilgrim Naturists that expanded upon the efforts started by GBN and NENA.

At the end of 1996, the New England Naturist Association (NENA) disbanded and Pilgrim absorbed their remaining membership into its own. The result was the Pilgrim Naturists of New England whose members & friends arrange events at private rented facilities, organize trips to the region's many nudist parks, participate in national and regional naturist conventions and gatherings, and plan day trips to well-known skinny-dipping spots throughout the region.

This web site serves to announce specific activities that will be planned by the members and friends of Pilgrim Naturists of New England as well as bring to light various issues of concern to the area's naturist population.

We invite you to view our pages to learn about us, and to consider joining us, as well as helping us plan clothes-optional events. We are the sum of our peers.

POLICY NOTE:   Pilgrim Naturists of New England supports the principles of safe and secure family naturism as espoused by The Naturist Society (The Naturist Society Association), American Association for Nude Recreation, and similar organizations (see affiliations pages). This is a family-safe organization fostering the naturist (social nudist / clothes-optional) lifestyle. We welcome families, couples & singles, and do not discriminate in any way due to race, creed, or gender preference. Naturism is not a sexually-oriented activity, but a practice that respects the human body and the concept that reasonable exposure to the air and sun are beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit. Body acceptance is the idea, naturism is the way [© The Naturist Sociey]

For additional information and the policies of The Naturist Society which we subscribe to, please see the following link:

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