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The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) is a pro-active body of volunteers who work to help assure the continuation of naturist skinny-dipping sites, as well as work against the passage of anti-nudity legislation that may have a negative impact on the naturist lifestyle.

NAC distributions can be read or subscribed-to at the following sites.

We encourage you to get involved and watch for NAC postings at these locations.

Naturist Action Committee Home page of the Naturist Action Committee. The most recent alerts and advisories are posted here. You will also find a substantial amount of information on anti-nudity legislation around the USA and Canada, briefs on state laws on nudity, white papers, and much more.  

And the live blog at: Naturist Action Committee- Blog

RixPlace Nudist List RIXPLACE ™ (Rick's Place) is an on-line naturist/nudist list server with a general discussion topic. NAC alerts posted as the happen. Available as individual messages or daily digest. Subscription required. Free. Additional topical lists are available via Rixplace.  

Google Naturists Details on how to subscribe are at this link. Individual messages and digest format available from Google Groups.  

NetNude NetNude is a naturist message board center with topical posting areas. Look for NAC postings in the political topic message board.  


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